AKSAY is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of low-voltage electrical equip-ment in China
Our company founded in 1985 has rich experience in this line,For these past years,we have made our company larger and modernization, products more outstanding and technolgy higher.
Unitl now,our company has more than 2000 employees,with over 120 engineers and technicians among them,It owns not only high standard production line and cheching instrument,not only the most advanced and lead technology,which guarantee our
products superior quality and the lowest cost.
Regarding the quality as our life from beginning, our company has gained ISO9001 certificate for international qualified quality system and what's more,the products have obtained CB,CCC & CE approval.
Our company has established long term business connection with clients from all over the world.Enjoying high repulation on the market is a result of excellent quality and first-class services.

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